About Me & Contact


I’m a runner, turned distance runner, turned ultra runner. I started out my running career primarily running the 400m and 800m at Christopher Newport University before joining the Cross Country team in my Junior year, taking on the 8K. After graduating in May of 2011, I began to focus on training for Half Marathons. I ran a PR of 1:16 at the end of 2011 before suffering a stress fracture and a few bouts of tendinitis which sidelined me until 2013. I ran my first ultra, a 60K nighttime trail race, in July 2014 and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve run 50K’s, 50 Milers, 100Ks. I ran my first 100 Miler at Western States 100 in 2017 as I qualified through winning a Golden Ticket at Bandera 100K.

I am currently looking for sponsors to help in my training so that I can reach my full potential. I can be reached at exploringendurance@gmail.com or on Twitter @ExploreEndure!

Happy running!



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