Looking Onward To 2017

As I write this, my 2016 racing season for the most part is wrapped up. As I look back I’ve had a few really positive highlights, but feel that I didn’t train or race to my potential. Below is a quick recap of my racing in 2016.

  • 19 total races with 1-2 more planned for the year
    • 14 first place finishes
    •  3 second place finishes
    • Currently in the lead for the Trail Racing Over Texas Cup
    • In hindsight I feel that I ran too many races and should be more selective in what I decide to race in 2017.
  • Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile: 1st in 6:23
    • This was my A race for the beginning of the year. I feel like I executed this race well, but could have finished 10-15 minutes faster with better training and more consistent long runs.
  • Placed 11th at the USATF 50K Trail Running Championship at Tamalpa Headlands 50K
    • I placed 23rd the year before, a few weeks after getting stitches out of my knee after a bad fall. Pleased with 11th, but feel I could have gone faster.
  • A lot of my longer races tend to end with me pulling myself across the finish line or hitting a wall in terms of the effort I can sustain.
    • I need to implement more long runs and back to back long runs as well as higher mileage weeks to my training for 2017.

I’ll finish up 2016 by running the Rockledge Rumble 50K and Brazos Bend Half Marathon. The early 2017 season goal race i’ve been preparing for is Bandera 100K where I hope to run and place well in a competitive field!


2 thoughts on “Looking Onward To 2017

  1. Well, my friend, I have just two thoughts. First, you set incredibly high standards for yourself. I find this both admirable and concerning. And if this is what you accomplished without training at your best, I’d sure hate to see you on a good day. 🙂

    Congratulations on 2016 and best of luck next year.


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