Kinian RePose Product Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.32.28 PM

Stretching is something that I have neglected for a very long time. I get so into my routine of running that I find myself too tired or lacking the motivation to take adequate time to stretch and help my body recover properly. I’ve started to realize lately, that to become the best athlete that I can possibly be, I need to begin adding exercises, drills, foam rolling, and stretching to improve my performances. In an effort to correct the error of my ways, I decided to get the RePose Stretching Tool from Kinian.

For a little bit of background information, Kinian’s mission is to blend athletic and therapeutic lifestyles into balanced, healthy ways of living. But most importantly, Kinian wants to empower people to reach a balanced healthy lifestyle by listening and being in tune with their own body.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.32.05 PM

The RePose tool is designed to help athletes really target the areas they need help on. A big benefit of this product vs. some other alternatives is that the RePose provides a more comfortable grip than ropes, towels or other makeshift tools. This give you a more controlled stretch with less effort and fatigue.

For myself, my main problem areas have always been my hamstrings, quads, and hips. I always seem to fatigue when doing harder workouts and seem to have lingering soreness in these areas compared to the rest of my body. Luckily, the RePose tool is able to target these pain points of mine. Since using the RePose tool I’ve seen great improvements in my overall recovery and less residual soreness/fatigue after workouts. I’ve done speed work, hill repeats, treadmill incline workouts, easy runs, and even raced a 25K trail race in the two weeks that i’ve tested the product and I believe the RePose is helping me in my running endeavors.

The RePose tool offers many different stretching options, but as I noted above I have three areas that I have been specifically focusing on. The photos above showcase stretches for these areas. The photo on the top left shows the quad stretch, the top right shows the hip stretch and the bottom photo shows the hamstring stretch (my biggest area of concern).

Here’s their solo stretch routine that has seemed to help me loosen up pre-post workout.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the RePose tool. I plan to continue to use it and have begun to develop my own post run stretch routine as well as foam roll. I’ve seen big improvements and would recommend the RePose to anyone else looking for some stretching help!

To learn more about Kinian and to buy one of the RePose Stretching Tools, click here.


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