Tips For Training While Traveling

As someone who started traveling several times a year for work after graduating from college, I’ve slowly been able to adjust my training to fit into my travel schedule without sacrificing quality or quantity in terms of my workouts. Here are a few tips to help you continue building on your training when traveling for work or pleasure so that when you come back you can pick up right where you left off.

  • Create A Schedule
    • The first thing that I do before going on a work or family trip is developing a schedule for the week. I write down everything that I have planned, what time they start and end, and if they involve any physical activity. Also, take into account the time you need to be asleep each night and factor this into your schedule. Once I have all of these items in place, I then go through and see which day my different workouts and runs fit into my day. This helps me visualize the week and mentally prepare to get the work done and still enjoy my trip and execute my work to my fullest potential.
  • Front Loading
    • Another thing that I do when I go on trips is what I like to call Front Loading. My normal work trips involve me flying out on a Wednesday or Thursday morning and returning on the following Monday or Tuesday, late in the day. When this is the case I will put my longer efforts on Monday and Tuesday. If I have a long run or back-to-back long runs of 3-4 hours each, I’ll make sure to get up early and knock these out in the beginning of the week so that I don’t stress about them at the end of the week. I will also run a secondary run in the evening on these days of 4-6 easy miles to make sure I get in as many miles as possible before my trip. Also, if your flight isn’t too early, then get an early start to your travel day by going for a run, bring a headlamp along if it’s dark outside. By doing this, you won’t need to worry about running after you travel and this will reduce your anxiety so you con focus on traveling.
  • Run When You Can
    • This means exactly what it says, run when you can. If the only time during your travel days that is free requires you to get up at 5 or 6AM, then do it. The same thing goes for getting your workout or run in after your work day is complete even if it’s 7 or 8PM. In the end it will be worth the hassle of waking up early or postponing dinner. On normal days I start my runs at 7AM, but on work trips I will go at 6AM to ensure that I’m back in time and just incase something changes on the schedule and I need to meet my team earlier than originally planned.
  • Consider Your Work/Trip As A Workout
    • A final tip is to consider your work or activities on your trip a workout. If you travel for work and do physically demanding activity or are required to be on your feet or walk around constantly, those are both examples of things that benefit your overall activity. Turn on your GPS Watch or Fitness Tracker to see how far you’ve walked or keep an eye on how long you’ve been standing as it can be looked at as time on your feet training. The same goes for trips for pleasure. If you go to an amusement park or on vacation to somewhere you are planning to walk to different locations, make sure to keep track of this mileage and count it towards your overall mileage.

These are just a few tips for those who travel for work frequently throughout the year or for someone planning to go on a family vacation or getaway. You don’t have to let those trips put a halt on your training. What other tips or suggestions do you have? Do you use any of these tactics on your trips?


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