CLIF Organic Energy Food Review & Giveaway

I’ve been a fan of CLIF Bar products for a long time. Staples in my diet have been their Sierra Trail Mix and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Bars for everyday use, for post run recovery, or in between meal snacks as well as CLIF Shot Gels for energy during ultra races and other running events. These products have helped my overall nutrition and performance.


Recently, I was asked to give CLIF Organic Energy Food a try. This product is the next generation of sports nutrition. The product line is inspired by the home recipes of Team Clif Bar athletes, each recipe is designed to provide endurance athletes with energy from real food ingredients like those they could find in their own kitchens, satisfying cravings for either real fruit or salty comfort food. I was given a sample pack that contained Pizza Margherita, Sweet Potato with Sea Salt, Banana Beat with Ginger and Banana Mango with Coconut.

CLIF Organic Energy Food_Savory

You may be skeptical when you first take a look at these and think of how each flavor is going to taste, but don’t be afraid to go for it and test them out. The first ones I tested were the Pizza Margherita (160 cal) and Sweet Potato with Sea Salt (200 cal) flavors. These savory options come in slightly larger caloric sizes and containers than their sweet flavored counterparts. They also contain some protein (5/4g per serving) and are recommended to be used during activities that will take you over the hour mark and into the two, three, or more area. I tested them out on a 16 Mile run that was just over two hours in length. I consumed one package slowly over a 15 minute span each hour and chased each with plenty of water to ensure they were getting into my system. Their consistency was a little on the thicker side, but very enjoyable. I felt energized the entire run while using them. To me, Pizza Margherita tasted like marinara sauce and Sweet Potato actually tasted exactly like a sweet potato puree. Overall, I was a fan of these two flavors and their taste and would definitely continue to utilize them in training and in racing.

CLIF Organic Energy Food_Sweet

Next up I tried out the sweet flavors and let me tell you, these are total winners. I have honestly never tasted something so delicious. I utilized one pouch on back to back days. The first day I ran 6 Miles and gave Banana Mango with Coconut a go and the second I squeezed some out, I finished the entire pouch in the span of a few seconds. To me, the flavor really tasted almost like liquified banana bread and I’m a huge fan. After trying that flavor, I thought nothing could top it until I gave the Banana Beet with Ginger a try. On this test, I ran an easy 8 Miles and consumed the pouch half way through. Again, like the Banana Mango, this flavor is extremely easy to put down. The banana flavor in both is the strongest ingredient, which I really enjoyed. The sweet flavors beat the savory flavors in my book and without a doubt I will be getting some more of these to continue to use.


CLIF Organic Energy Food


  • Larger size compared to normal energy gels makes it more difficult to easily carry multiple pouches
  • Hard to carry enough for longer training runs where you’re unable to resupply midway


  • Excellent taste
  • Savory products include protein for longer efforts where recovery is key
  • Twist off cap makes it easy to eat as much or little as you want, then replace the top so you don’t get that normal sticky hand feeling you get when using gel packets
  • Perfect size for sticking in running/racing vest pockets like the Nathan Vapor Air
  • Easily fit one or two in a race belt or the back pocket of running shorts

As part of my review of these products, I’ve been provided with a sample pack consisting of 8 packets of CLIF Organic Energy Food: (2) Banana Beet with Ginger, (2) Banana Mango with Coconut, (2) Pizza Margherita and (2) Sweet Potato with Sea Salt. To be entered to win simply share this blog post and comment with the flavor that you’d like to try the most. Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “CLIF Organic Energy Food Review & Giveaway

  1. I would love to try the Banana Mango Coconut the most, but they all sound amazing! Thanks for the chance to win some! 🙂


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