This Week In Running: 3/9 – 3/15


I’m going to try to start these weekly posts to keep up to date with my running. It will be an attempt to remind myself of how I’m feeling during workouts, mileage and total elevation gain.

3/9: No runs or workouts. Still recovering from Way Too Cool 50K.

3/10: Finally felt up for running, but my quads were still pretty beat from the race. I slogged through my normal easy lunch run, but it was much harder than usual. 4 Miles / :37 / 92 Feet Elevation Gain.

3/11: Took another shot at an easy run and still felt fatigued and sore on my quads. The rest of my body had recovered from my race at this point. 4 Miles / :34 / 41 Feet Elevation Gain. After work I got on the treadmill. I’m turning to treadmill runs on incline to get more elevation gain moving forward. I can’t get any kind of gain where I live, so this is the best alternative and hopefully will pay dividends going into Zion 100K and onward. 3.2 Miles / :28 / 1689 Feet Gain.

3/12: Quick morning run, legs feeling close to normal. 2.4 Miles / :20 / 75 Feet Elevation Gain. Lunch run. 4 Miles / :35 /87 Feet Elevation Gain. Back on the treadmill for some quick gain on 10%. 1.3 Miles / :15 / 665 Feet Elevation Gain.

3/13: Morning Run. 2.5 Miles / :20 / 46 Feet Elevation Gain. First run where I felt back to normally fully, only feeling the fatigue of the treadmill elevation gain workouts. 5.6 Miles / :46 / 200 Feet Elevation Gain.

3/14: Morning run with TA. 4 Miles / :36 / 128 Feet Elevation Gain. First longer run since the race with EW. The rain caused all trails to be closed so we went to the road. 12 Miles / 1:36 / 0 Feet Elevation Gain.

3/15: Taking it easy to be fully rested going into the next 3 week training block before tapering for Zion 100K. Treadmill run to get in the final elevation gain and miles for the week. 5.1 Miles / :41 / 1050 Feet Elevation Gain.

Total Miles: 50.2

Total Time: 7:24

Total Gain: 4,073


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