Am I Cool Enough For Way Too Cool 50K?


It has been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I haven’t had much to write about since my last run at Bandera 25K back on January 10th. Enter Way Too Cool 50K. This race has been on my calendar since mid 2014. Not only does the race have a field of 1,200 registrants but it has a deep list of talent including the likes of Ryan Bak, David Roche, Brett Rivers, Stephanie Howe and Tim Tollefson, just to name a few. The race will be a true test of where I stack up against some of the best runners on the trail.

Coming into this race I feel confident in my fitness, but don’t know exactly what to expect tomorrow when I toe the line and the gun goes off, releasing the massive field onto the course. I am deeply focused and hold aspirations of a top 20 finish. I’ve put in solid work for this race, which is a springboard to my first 100K next month, over the last 6 weeks including one 100 mile week. With all of my efforts, i’ve only capped out at 3,503 feet of elevation gain as my highest weekly total. With Way Too Cool 50K having roughy 4,500 feet of elevation gain this is a little concerning. It lets me know that I need to ramp that number up with elevation focused treadmill workouts or whatever “hills” I can find in Dallas in the weeks between Way Too Cool and Zion 100K on April 10th to ensure that coming from Texas doesn’t hinder my chances at races with more elevation gain.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.35.29 PM

Over the past week I have dealt with an issue in my left knee and hamstring, but took the past week extremely easy and iced/heated those injured areas to ensure the issue would subside and not impact my race (pretty easy with ice/snowy conditions). All in all I am feeling strong and prepared to run fast. I am looking forward to enjoying the day on the trail and learning more about myself and my running through this experience. I am also excited to wear my Team Trail Racing Over Texas singlet for the first time and represent both TROT and Tailwind. Here goes nothing!

Click to Watch USLTV's Live Video Coverage
Click Above to Watch USLTV’s Live Video Coverage

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