Running Race Review Site Revolution

Out with the old and in with the new.

When was the last time that you visited a running race calendar website to do research for your next race? Odds are that you used a resource like Running In The USA, Runner’s World Race Finder, or UltraRunning Magazine’s Calendar Listing to do your research and see which races fit into your schedule. All of these sites are great tools for discovering events, sorting races by distance, date and location and narrowing your search down to a few top choices that match your unique criteria. Once you’ve done a search, you’re left with 3-4 races and then you begin to sift through their websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter Accounts to make your final decision, but there has always been one crucial step missing in the process; unbiased race reviews and race reports that are easily accessible and a social component.

Enter ReadRunRave and BibRave, two websites that are revolutionizing the way we research and make the final choice on the races that we ultimately sign up for and run. These sites introduce more interactivity and social media capabilities into the mix to provide a better way to find out about races from others in the running community and learn from their experiences. Let’s take a quick look at each and highlight some of their functionality.

ReadRunRave (RRR)


Read Run Rave is a website that strives to compile as much information on races as possible, in order to help runners find their next race. We encourage you to come to our site to Read about a race, Run the race, and then return to our site to Rave about the race. –

  • Looking for your next ultra running event? RRR is a niche site that focuses on gathering ultra trail event raves and race reports to educate others looking to sign up for their next event.
  • Get granular with your searches and find the perfect event for your exact needs/date ranges. Search by Rating, Location, Distance, Time Length (12HR, etc.), or by Month. Once you find the race for you, check out what others have said about their experiences to learn more information.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.36.57 PM

  • Learn more about each race on their page where Raves, Race Reports, Course Info and Registration Information is all listed out.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.46.55 PM

  • Head over to the RRR Blog Page for their latest posts, articles and information. Contact them with your posts and they might just feature your content on the site!
  • If you don’t see a race you’re looking for or have raced before listed on the site, get in touch with RRR and they will go in and upload the race.

Follow ReadRunRave on Twitter | Like ReadRunRave on Facebook

BibRave (BR)


BibRave is a place where you can find and write race reviews. It’s just like restaurant or hotel review sites, but for races! BibRave is the place to research races you’re considering signing up for, and a place to leave feedback on races you’ve completed. No more scrolling endlessly through online forums, no more relying on a race’s Facebook page to see how many people liked or didn’t like the race. –

  • Search for your next race; Road, Trail, Ultra, Obstacle, etc. BR includes all different types of races in their database.
  • Utilize the criteria of Location, Month, Race Length, and Race Terrain to get your perfect match.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.31.07 PM

  • Sign up on the site with your Facebook page to connect your social profiles. Once you’re logged in, you can review races and plug in your information. Each individual is given a profile page where you can view all of the races they’ve reviewed, breakdown of races by distance, and follow other individuals with profiles on the site.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.56.22 PM

  • Join BR for their next #BibChat on Twitter where they discuss running topics weekly. You can also apply to be a BibRave Pro Ambassador for a chance to gain some discounted race entries and other great opportunities.

Follow BibRave on Twitter | Like BibRave on Facebook

Head over to ReadRunRave and BibRave, create a profile and leave a few reviews today to help build their communities! The more reviews, the more helpful the sites will become for individuals visiting them and looking for race information, reviews, recommendations and input.


  • What websites do you currently use to research upcoming races?
  • Have you ever visited ReadRunRave or BibRave? How do they compare to other sites you’ve used in the past?
  • What race is next on your race schedule?


3 thoughts on “Running Race Review Site Revolution

  1. I have also started a site that publishes anyone and everyone’s race reports (with permission) and sorts them by race. There are already hundreds of reports from races all over the world. Check it out, and if you have any reports please contact me.
    I am, and will be always looking for new content


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