Ultra Adventures – Grand Circle Trail Series

Ultra Adventures offers environmentally sustainable, destination trail races in unforgettable locations. Their current focus is in one of the most stunning regions of the planet, the Grand Circle. Each of their races in The Grand Circle Trail Series is completely unique from the others due to the amazing geological diversity in the region. This area has the highest concentration of national parks in the country as well as tribal parks, national monuments, and wilderness areas that are every bit as amazing. Take a look below at their series video which highlights all of their amazing races. Warning: watching this video may cause you to instantly sign up for one of their races. If that’s the case, visit their site by clicking here.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of Ultra Adventures Ambassadors for 2015 and am excited to run the beautiful and scenic trails/courses that they offer. I’ll get my first chance on April 10-11 when I travel to race the Zion event. At first, I registered for the 100K, but then had an urge to go all out, jumping the gun and opting for the 100 Miler. Now that I’ve had time to sit down and set up a training plan for the beginning of 2015, I have decided to stick with the Zion 100K, my first 100K and set my sights on my first 100 Miler later on in 2015 once I have more training under my belt. Capitol Reef 100 Mile in July or Tushars 100 Mile at the end of July could end up being the race that I choose as booth offer both tough and breath taking courses.

Bryce Canyon Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram
Bryce Canyon
Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram

An awesome idea that Ultra Adventures in rolling out is their Grand Circle Trail Series Challenges. These are excellent for building up to new ultra distances, great for those looking to do something incredible with their running in 2015/beyond, and they give you the opportunity not just to run the races but discover the beauty and tranquility of the areas surrounding the Grand Circle.

  • 1,000 Mile Challenge: Run all of the Ultra Adventure 100 Mile Races!
  • 500 Mile Challenge: Run all of the Ultra Adventure 50 Mile Races!
  • 300 Mile Challenge: Run all of the Ultra Adventure 50K Races!
  • Trifecta Challenge: Ultra Adventures not only want you to race the events, but they also want to introduce you to the impressive landscapes and landmarks that cover the Grand Circle. Come early to your event or stay later to discover the land (early may be recommended, depending on how badly your post-ultra race walk turns out and how quickly you tend to recover). This is an awesome idea. Nothing less would be expected from Race Director, Matt Gunn. To explain it in more depth and how it benefits you beyond getting a chance to see some beautiful places I’m taking a direct quote from the website. “For each event, we have created a “Trifecta” list – boiled down to 3 “must see” trails or land features that are within a reasonable traveling distance of the race course. For each of the 3 “legs” of the Trifecta that you complete, you will receive 10% discount credited towards the next Ultra Adventures event that you participate in! Complete all three legs of the Trifecta and you have earned yourself 30% off of the next event! These discounts can also be accumulated, so after 3 events, you can earn 90% off of the 4th event just for getting out and doing what you love!!” Count me in. I am excited to check out the Trifectas on my Zion trip! Click the Trifecta Challenge link here for full details.
  • Run Elevated Series: Bryce Canyon 50K, Capitol Reef 50 Miler and Tushars 100 Miler make up this challenge. Literally take your running to the next level as you increase your distance and elevation gain traversed in each race. This challenge is perfect for anyone who hasn’t committed to a 100 Miler yet in 2015 and wants to get their fitness up prior to the event. Racing the 50K, 50 Miler and 100 Miler in succession provides a great way to prepare yourself for your biggest challenge to date. BONUS: Register for all 3 and receive a 20% discount across the board.
  • Spring Slam Series: Antelope Canyon 50K, Monument Valley 50 Miler, Zion 100K and Grand Canyon 100 Miler make up this challenge. This is very similar to the Run Elevated Series as it is perfect for training for your first 100 Miler and adds an extra event to the mix, a 100K. Gain confidence and explore beautiful trails if through this challenge. 20% off all events is offered for registering for all 4 of these races!
Monument Valley Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram
Monument Valley
Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram

As of right now, I’m only signed up for Zion 100K, but I’m considering running Antelope Canyon 55K and possibly another 50 Miler that fits into my work/race schedule. I’m psyched to run in such a great area. I hope that you’ll join me for an ultra adventure!

Tushars Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram
Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram

Full 2015 Calendar:

Grand Canyon Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram
Grand Canyon
Credit: Ultra Adventures Instagram


  • Have you run any of Ultra Adventures races?
  • Have you signed up or planning to sign up for any of their 2015 races? Which one?
  • What destination races have you done in the past?

Leave an answer to the questions in the comments below, share this blog post with friends who you think may be interested in these races and let me know what you think about my blog in general! Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Ultra Adventures – Grand Circle Trail Series

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    I am honored to have been chose as an Ultra Adventures Ambassador. Below is a tremendous race series I am proud to support. In one of my favorite parts of the country, these races are doing new and groundbreaking things. The Zero Waste policy ensures absolute minimum affect on the environment and the Trifectas associated with each race are a great way to get entry discounts doing the things we already do: running trails. The race series slams are also a perfect way for someone to build up to their first 100-miler. Learn more:


  2. Have you run any of Ultra Adventures races? No
    ◦Have you signed up or planning to sign up for any of their 2015 races? Which one? Yes, the Zion 50 K
    ◦What destination races have you done in the past?
    Zero! this is my first, I’m so excited!


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