Polka Fest Run – 10K

I ran the Ennis Polka Fest Run 10K this past Saturday with a huge group from the +White Rock Running Co-op. After finishing the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run i’ve been suffering from pain in my left calf so i’ve only hit on average 10-20 miles per week for the last 6 weeks. The week before this race was my first week of getting back into shape where I ran 45 miles and my plan for this week, including this race, was to hit 60 miles.

I’ve only run three 10K’s before and I signed up for this race the week before and planned to run it as a tempo run, knowing that I’m in no shape to run anywhere near my PR of 34:30. The main reason I decided to register is there was an unofficial rivalry going on between +White Rock Running Co-op and the +Waxahachie Running Club and I wanted to help support our team. I figured I would be able to reasonably hold a pace of 6:15 even without having done anything faster than a 6:30 mile in almost two months. I toed the line with 140 other runners at 7AM, the bull horn blasted and we were off.

Before The Start
The race started out with a pack of 10 or so that broke down to a pack of 5 by the half mile mark. I ran in 4th until the one mile mark which I passed in 5:57. I was surprised that running sub 6 pace felt so comfortable given my lack of fitness at this point in time. I passed the runner in front of me shortly after one mile and sat in 3rd place all the way until 5.5 miles when I overtook the competitor who I had been slowly gaining on the entire race. Once I passed him, I pushed until the finish line where I came through in 36:47, coming in second.
Final Turn Toward The Finish
This was a great race for many reasons. Coming off injury, it was reassuring that I was able to run all 6.2 miles at a steady effort of 5:55/mile. This lets me know that I haven’t completely lost all of my fitness and hopefully that it will be easier and quicker to get back to full force then I originally thought. Secondly, it was nice to run with +White Rock Running Co-op and show everyone what we’re made of! We brought a massive group out to the race and just about everyone placed overall or top three in their age groups. Just take a look at the pictures below, the hardware tells the story. See you next year Ennis!

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