Javelina Jundred 2014: An Ultrarunning Party In The Desert

The Javelina Jundred is the original costumed 100 Mile and 100K trail run party. The race is held on the rolling single track of the 15.3 Mile Pemberton Trail in beautiful McDowell Mountain Regional Park near Fountain Hills, Arizona. This year marked the 12th edition of “Jalloween” weekend with 652 combined runners starting in the event.
Course Pre-Run Scenery
The weekend started off on Friday, October 31st on Halloween with the Javelina Beer Mile at the Javelina Jundred starting line, a nice prelude to the ultra events that the weekend had in store for runners and spectators alike. It was also put on for a good cause, collecting donations for the Tarahumara Native Americans who traveled all the way from Copper Canyons, Mexico to race in the Javelina Jundred. Participants were encouraged to dress up in Halloween attire before traversing the course while attempting to hold down their beer of choice. Patrick Sweeney, Beer Mile RD, came out on top in a time of 7:30-holding off Victor Ballesteros who had been slowly making his way through the field to finish strong in second. The end of the beer mile marked the opening of packet pickup back at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center. Once all runners picked up their items, everyone dispersed, heading to dinner then back to their hotel rooms to prep their drop bags ahead of an early wake up call.
Patrick Sweeney Coming Into The Finish
The Javelina Jundred 100 Mile race went off at 6AM, sending 511 runners out of Jeadquarters for 6 loops plus a smaller loop and an hour later the 100K start gun went off and 141 racers began their 4 loop journey as the sunrise greeted them onto the trails. Competitors in the 100 Mile included speedsters (Catlow Shipek, Oswaldo Lopez, Kaci Lickteig, Jason Koop), running celebrities (Gordy Ainsleigh, Ed Ettinghausen, Catra Corbett), a huge number of runners looking for a Western States 2015 Qualifier, and a slew of individuals just looking to have a good time in costume while enjoying the day in nature.

Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Start
Once races go off at normal events, the Start/Finish area typically turns into a ghost town. This wasn’t the case at Javelina. The race organizers set up and make tents available for rent to participants, spectators, crew, and pacers. This culminates in a “tent village” that only enhances the interactive party environment and boosts the energy of the event. While everyone waits for their runners while they are out on course, crews exchange words and stories of past ultras to pass the time before preparing to greet their runners with the items they’ve specified that they will be needing and sending them back out on course for another loop.

Tent Village At Jeadquarters

Compared to other ultras that I’ve been to, Javelina Jundred did an excellent job of providing social media updates and live coverage of the event. +Aravaipa Running had a whole crew dedicated to getting Tweets and Facebook posts up in real time over the course of the race. On top of their constant messaging, +UltraSportsLive.TV was on-site, live broadcasting the entire 30 hours of the race. This made it easy for friends and family members of runners to follow along at home, catching their runner multiple times throughout the event (Check out their entire schedule at UltraSportsLive.Tv).

During the race I had the opportunity to run one of the 15.3 Mile loops as a pacer. The loop had about 750 feet of elevation gain accompanied by 4 aid stations (Coyote Camp, Jackass Junction, Rattlesnake Ranch and Javelina Jeadquarters). The large number of aid stations made it easy to traverse the course, utilizing each station to refuel until you returned to the Jeadquarters. Aid Stations were stocked with all the normal ultra foods like M&M’s, Bananas, Oranges, Salt, Pretzels, Chips, Salt Caps, Electrolyte Drink, Water and also contained some unique foods such as Nutella, Pumpkin Pie, Burgers and Quesadillas. Port-o-lets were also available in full force at each location, making it easy for racers to make a pit stop if needed. The terrain was easy flowing dirt/rock trail with a gradual incline for the first half before dropping back down and running into trail surface with larger rocks. Overall, the course felt fast and easy to navigate.

Runners Entering The Trail In The 100K
At the end of the day, Catlow Shipek took the 2014 overall win in the 100 Miler with a time of 14:51:33 and Kaci Lickteig rolled in at 15:40:55 in third place overall, setting a new female course record in the process! Although the first finishers crossed the line at 9:40PM on Saturday, the party continued on into the night and next morning until the final finisher completed their race in 30:18:51 at just past 10AM on Sunday. This was an excellent event, very well run, and I look forward to the possibility of attempting my first 100 Miler at this race in 2015 or 2016!
Catlow Shipek Out On The Course
Kaci Lickteig Leaving Jeadquarters

+Aravaipa Running Javelina Jundred is the race for you if:
  • You’re looking for a fast course for your first or tenth 100 Mile or 100K race.
  • You enjoy looped courses with well stocked aid stations and opportunities to see your family/friends/crew multiple times throughout races.
  • You prefer a race with an encouraging and party atmosphere.
  • You need a Western States Qualifier.

Amazing Views Along The Javelina Jundred Course
Have you run Javelina Jundred or any other +Aravaipa Running
races in the past? What were your experiences?
How many 100 Milers or 100K’s have you run?
Do you have any tips for someone looking to make the jump
from 50K/50 Milers to longer ultra distances?

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